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tv   Dutertes New War  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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with reporting quoting. him to power essentially out of more will be he wasn't on the political scene be forced to use one example. knowing that he changed the political landscape in ethiopia he essentially series in to be understood from the brink of economic and political explosion saw you. the specific majors that he can comes away to be the quickest. bit significant or in tongues or holding the ability to be alone but most important they're all in the horn of africa region which is the tories for and stability. not just in and unleashing to the moment is going to be issues with neighboring ethiopia but also more important in the region immediate is in between and you could see it's your smile your. kenya it's. more recently that
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there's not really any single country where he doesn't play in the hall in terms of bringing people to the horse was the last 18 months and i think from that point of view what you tube is remarkable yeah i mean it's remarkable because if they realize there's own country then bilateral relations with eritrea and then as you mention the wider region what do you think their the nobel peace prize itself message do you think it sends just but you know to the people of ethiopia and the region. i think it is partly a recognition of a few such ignorant. but all the lore what we have far is a significant improvement from what we and who came to this. studio in a bit difficult and very complex position the situation into a beard's. it's a very complex many difficult transition i think the same goes for you know
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what we did. or other countries. the prospect of a sustainable peace is more weight. on the line and i think this sort of condition would part of the prime minister and that you have been people generally in order for you know of. course the region to do more for the cause of peace because buildings didn't build peace takes a little time with the solution to working schools some of the underlying structural problems which we took made over time so i think it is a call to action primarily. i think that you know if you push that you need to bring people together and also bring the white house and just give them one of the nobel peace prize sometimes gets criticized them thinking specifically when it was given to the u.s. president at the time barack obama and then i guess you know with the benefit of
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hindsight looking back at perhaps a matter come too early certainly you know we have seen not more peaceful years since but possibly more for old ones do you think maybe there is a risk that the same thing could happen with abby that as you mentioned there is still so much to do that maybe this came a bit too early. i don't think so and in this case. the prime minister within such short period was tying some decisive. in some key is a great personal risk. you know soon it's going to. be one of the cleanest a demonstration of his commitments and determination to peace ease you know the way you. government when he was appointed as prime minister he's now. clearly. human unconditionally the. commission's decision when
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to appear his due to accept in the boss of your it includes a sage that would accept the decision but you're going to be committed and when i mean made that statement most people thought it was just another gesture. and he moment i think illusions we did it. but. he i think most visible. pieces reuniting families. by the sense of. 20 years that is a change that you know i meant and i think it is important to her nights people that live in the nation to pursue their gender and not be has certainly been recognised for the nobel peace prize our wall allo allo expert in international and the horn of africa so thank you so much for having us thank you thank you still
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ahead in this news hour. target saying. he has more on saturday's world. body. business updates brought to you by. going places together. the our. world. the our. thanks. to all. the our.
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thanks. to our. business updates. going places together. the a. it's time to get all the sports news here. thank you so much barbara will scotland's rugby bosses are threatening legal action if that will come much against japan is canceled it's in doubt jujutsu typhoon high get this scotland will go out of the tournament if the fixture is called off the japanese form along also being affected
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by the weather wind a report from tokyo. it is calm at the moment but the japanese capital tokyo and other parts of the country are bracing for the arrival of typhoon haggis which could be one of the strongest storms to hit japan in decades flights and train services have been canceled and of course this weekend should have been won when much of the sporting world was focusing on this country on sunday we had the japanese for me to one grand prix taking place in it's about 300 kilometers to the southwest of tokyo at this stage the race is still long but what we know now is that saturday's events at the grand prix have been cancelled so the organizers a saying that qualifying will take place on sunday morning before the race with a committee but as far as the rugby world cup goes we know that 2 games have already been cancelled because of the typhoon that is new zealand against italy and england against france and there is a possibility that another game could be affected as well that is the host nation
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japan against scotland due to be played in york on sunday the tournament organizers saying that they will inspect the facilities on sunday morning before making a final decision about their game it is the final group game and there is a lot riding on it a win for japan would see it topping the group and going through to the quarterfinals for the 1st time scotland needs to beat japan to have any hope of staying in the tournament here's where it gets interesting though if the game is cancelled japan will go through to the quarter finals scotland will go home and already the scottish rugby union is threatening legal action if that happens. scotland suggested moving that crucial match to monday when the typhoon has passed their repeat official say it's unthinkable they'd be denied the chance to contest for their place in the knockout stages. this is a glorious world class schools and occasionally we don't want people to the we also
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don't want to be the collateral damage lose this is important it was a nation and i think the ruby following public round the globe believe the same way and i think most people feel that it was when the economic powerhouse of the game was to say new zealand the house more thought bring you into a flexible approach. for friday's game between australia and georgia did take place the wallabies and a pretty hard going i. left that laid a couple of tries then clinching a 278 point victory australia move. but there are still lots of finish 2nd in the table behind wales which would mean that face england in the quarter finals . we've really done well and grown our pack over the years. and we've got to keep building now that's why growing all the matches the forwards and now are into the knockout stages we want to build on what we've done over the 4 gandhi or qualifying for the. place on sunday before the race weather permitting friday practice i did
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go ahead as scheduled i'm sadie's of all 3 of us are setting the pace despite this . spin in dry conditions during the 2nd session is sunday's qualifying is also affected then the results from this practice will determine the grid positions for the race. english footballers of last to qualify much for the 1st time in a decade they were beaten 21 by the czech republic in prague in their euro 2020 qualifier on friday a late goal from the admin on graphic and it england's $43.00 game unbeaten run the win moves the czechs level on points with england at the summit of that group the top 2 in each group will go through its in next year's finals. elsewhere world champions france continue to trail latest circuit in their group after both teams won olivier giroud penalty giving france a one nil win in iceland also a victory on friday for dora portugal and ukraine. the elite
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athletics academy run by alberto salazar has been closed down after the american coach was banned for 4 years due to doping violations salazar had coached various olympic champions at the nike oregon projects including britain's my fara in a statement archy said the salazar situation had become an unfair burden on the athletes still involved now the coach of running any it could show he says it's a case of when not if the 2 hour marathon barrier is broken kids will make his latest attempt on the record in austria on saturday the kenyan missed out by just 26 seconds in italy a couple of years ago he is the current world record holder but this time won't count as an official record as he's being helped by now less than 41 pace mike has . a few years ago it was more like any disability of the moon say it was more like
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realistic. and their way is that the marathons the normal marathons to 01 in berlin 202 in london and the difficult conditions in london. i mean to me i think it's more like a question of when and when will be uncertain. to be going to fall and in friday's quarter finals at the shanghai masters never djokovic is the defending champion and 4 time winner beaten by the 6 seeds to find a sit supplants before this match djokovic should want 24 straight sets that asian students. a victory for sits across earning him a place in the season ending a.t.p. finals for the very 1st. time former champion roger federer knocks out by germany's alexander's vera pretty far encounter this one it went to a deciding set. to drive winning it $63.00 and that sets up a semifinal with must say oh. ok that aside your sport is looking for now let's
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get back to barbara in london andy thanks for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though i'm going to have more news in just a few minutes and member of course you can catch up with everything that we have been talking about on our web site al jazeera dot com joining a few minutes by. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on a vast amount to serious documentaries were sick at 800 these young people just.
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rewind continues with the gift of sight just so sickly intervention is one of the few rare you will see patients like this says at least 10 years younger than she was yesterday just within 24 hours on al-jazeera 3 years 3 prime ministers and still close friendship with the oct 31st departure deadline looming industry is you and you pay for better square off in brussels or will boris johnson to text follow the wretched summit on al-jazeera to. a march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing spazz to selling aircraft immobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it
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failed our passengers it failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure the boeing crashes on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. the u.s. says it's deploying $3000.00 more troops to saudi arabia as tensions soar with iran . hello i'm sorry you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up on the
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program turkey presses forward with its offensive in northern syria 100000 people flee their home britain's prime minister says it is not yet a done deal as talks between the u.k. and the european union on securing a breakfast agreement intensify and a man of courage to help to end one of africa's longest running conflicts ethiopia's prime minister wins this year's nobel peace prize. thank you for joining us the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in the gulf as tensions simmer between tehran washington and some of the arab world's most powerful countries the pentagon says it's sending 3000 additional troops to saudi arabia to bolster the kingdom's defenses following an assault on the oil facilities last month rosalind jordan
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reports. for the 2nd time in a month the u.s. is sending troops to saudi arabia to help protect that country from iranian attacks in response to continue threats in the region i've ordered the deployment to the kingdom of saudi arabia of 2 additional fighter squadrons and supporting personnel along with additional patriot and fat air and missile defense batteries taken together with other deployments i've extended or authorized the last month this involves about $3000.00 united states forces a few 100 u.s. troops went to saudi arabia in mid september after iranian drones and cruise missiles destroyed part of the op geike income highs oil facilities washington also impose sanctions on iran central bank and its sovereign wealth fund and this is on top of our oil sanctions and our financial institutions sanctions but this latest deployment is much larger because the trumpet ministration says the threat from terre haute has worsened we are accumulating risk of
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a regional war i've been saying that for over a year here in another forum and then on september 14th we had an active war. and we continue to accumulate risk of a worse conflict a mid east policy expert said the troop deployment is important but not as important as many assume the additional missile defense systems seem to be a clear reaction to a successful attack by drones and by missiles on saudi oil facilities which actually was a great embarrassment to the united states and to saudi arabia u.s. officials insist they're not being provocative by sending more troops and weapons to saudi arabia chances are officials in tehran will disagree roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. meanwhile iran says one of its oil tankers has been attacked off the coast of saudi arabia the state news agency says the vessel which is known as this ability was hit by 2 missiles in the space of half an hour the ship was
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sailing 100 kilometers off the saudi 4th city of jeddah it's now under way again and the crew are reported to be safe there so far been no response from saudi arabia same bazarov he has more from tehran. iran's foreign ministry confirmed on friday that in the early morning hours one of the oil tankers was targeted in the eastern corridor or of the red sea approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of saudi arabia the sub at the experience 2 explosions 20 minutes apart causing it's oil tanks to leak into the sea foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said this isn't the 1st time in recent months that iranian vessels in the red sea have experienced what he described as destructive actions he blamed the fallout and resulting pollution on perpetrators of the attack who have yet to be identified he said they were taking part in quote dangerous adventurism the finger pointing from to herat has already begun as well with a senior m.p. blaming the us or israel for targeting the oil vessel iran's national oil tanker company meanwhile whose experts are investigating the incident that company was
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keen to point out that while terrorism or some form of missile attack may have been the cause of this incident they did not suspect that any attack originated from saudi shores the incident comes a day before pakistan's imran khan is due to arrive into iran for his 2nd official visit since becoming prime minister he'll be here in an effort to mediate between riyadh drawn to try to bring down tensions in the region but with this attack iran is likely to have its diplomatic defenses up once again and if there was any hope for a breakthrough during his visit it is now less likely to happen. turkey's president says his forces will not stop attacking kurdish fighters in northern syria no matter what anyone says at least 26 civilians have been killed since the offensive began on wednesday during warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe turkish forces have now pushed 8 kilometers deeper into
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territory held by the kurdish led syrian democratic forces at least 15 villages have been captured the u.n. says aerial strikes and shelling have displaced more than 100. 100000 people turkey's military claims more than 300 kurdish fighters have been captured or killed but the kurds say 29 of died at a time where the huns says the wider age of the offensive is to set up a safe zone where 2000000 refugees currently hosted in turkey can be resettled charles stratfor sent us this report from the turkish district. on the border with syria. black smoke rising over northeastern syria turkish army tanks and reinforcements move towards the border the military says it's captured a number of villages around the kurdish controlled towns of tilapia to russell i mean it's reported most if not all the civilian populations fled. the u.n.
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says more than 100000 people have been forced from their homes. there are civilian casualties among the thousands of people fleeing turkish altieri shells soldiers and their syrian rebel allies turkey says it's conducting what it calls an anti terror operation to create a safe zone so syrian refugees in turkey can return to. the kurdish syrian democratic forces all s.p.f. is putting up a fierce resistance turkey considers the main kurdish fighting force of the s.d.f. is aligned with a group which is for the turkish government for decades the best year for the long side u.s. forces a highly effective in defeating eisel in northern syria and the turkish offensive began after the us withdrew some of its forces from the area. turkey is native's the 2nd largest military power blocs chief met the turkish foreign minister in
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a prescheduled visit he called for restraint but no harsh criticism of the turkish government i shared with him my serious concerns about the ongoing operation and the risk of further destabilizing the region escalating tensions and even more human suffering why church digital but security concerns expect turkey to act with restraint turkey's president remains defiant. the turkish military is widening its bombardment of s.d.f. positions along the border forcing potentially thousands more people to flee their homes many of whom already internally displaced victims of the war in syria told stop at al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border. america's former ambassador to ukraine says donald trump pressured the state department the fire in an explosive testimony to members of congress leading an impeachment inquiry into the
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president maria of h. says she was removed from her post because of unfounded and false claims the inquiry is investigating and trump tried to pressure ukraine's leader to big up dirt on his democratic rival joe biden has more now from capitol hill. we've had it confirmed now that they did not want to testify and so the chairs of the 3 house committees that are in the lead in this subpoena her late last night washington times and that's why she came the reason that's really interesting is earlier this week we had that letter sent from the white house to congress saying we are not going to cooperate in any way with your impeachment investigation but now we understand what that means in reality in practical terms and that would mean apparently that they're not going to cooperate for voluntary interviews and things like that they will still try and stop their officials and give ministration from taking part however it would seem from this example that if
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a subpoena comes that people will be allowed to testify and that's interesting too because just before just before the former ambassador began her testimony the current u.s. ambassador told transparent made it clear through his lawyer that he will testify later on this week and he and he had actually earlier on in the street had been refused permission to testify but he's been subpoenaed now and he's going to do that his lawyer made it clear that the state the public still didn't want him to testify but the subpoena means he will testify and he's very much someone actually don't want trump's supporters kind of want to testify because he's very much donald trump in the e.u. and in the ukraine it would appear so they kind of want him to testify but it appears going forward in this impeachment inquiry process if a subpoena is received officials will testify. the u.s. and china have struck a partial trade deal which could potentially end the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies donald trump is out talks with the chinese vice premier and has
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suspended a terrifying on 2 $150000000000.00 of chinese imports that was set to take effect on tuesday the u.s. president says the preliminary agreement covers intellectual property financial services and big agricultural purchases but it will take up to 5 weeks for the deal to be written. a 5 year old running a child from rakhine state has been the tamed by authorities in myanmar that's according to human rights watch it says the child is among a group of 30 going or detained as they try to reach the city of young go on 8 children have been sent to what our forty's called a training school 21 adults were jailed last week for travelling without permits michael mcgrath is the director for me and marse rely on can thailand and save the children he says no this is it has been made on the 5 year old's fate the children have already been convicted sentenced and. sent to
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a reformatory the children the 5 year old is with her mother in 10 prison it's unclear what's going to happen but the fact is that no child should be imprisoned for travelling with their parents or relatives to another city these people are just the the subject of completely racist movement restrictions and they the children do not belong in reform schools and prisons. to come here and al jazeera including demonstrations continue in ecuador's capital against the government measures and more fallout from the gulf located reports that the united arab emirates paid a us lobbying firm in a campaign to discredit.


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